Elizabeth White, Folk-Rock singer/songwriter
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  "To me, music is a living thing. It can feed and sustain us like air, water and food. Music that connects to the listener, whatever the style, is a powerful thing. It can make us dance, create a mood, celebrate our triumphs, salve our pain, and connect us to memories. My goal is simply, to make you feel."


"For those like myself that miss that simple acoustic sound of the Indigo Girls early years, this disc may be the perfect cure. Elizabeth White writes gentle folk songs a la Emily Saliers, with a rough around the edges vocal style along the lines of Amy Ray, and the combination makes for a wonderful debut release, and one that will find a comfortable spot in your collection alongside those early Indigo Girls releases." - CDReviews.com

"Elizabeth has a knack for cutting through all the facades and pretences to say things in ways we've all felt before." - Indie-Music.com

"She is poetry set to music." - Songwriters Monthly

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